January 4, 2020

In addition to a healthier, more beautiful landscape

In addition to a healthier, more beautiful landscape, participants in our Seasonal Service Program receive the following:

1. Four quarterly visits to inspect irrigation system; January, April, June and October
2. Clean and flush drip filters
3. Adjust and clean lawn sprinklers
4. Reprogram controller for seasonal changes
5. Provide updated written report
6. Additional service calls at discounted rate
7. Priority scheduling for repairs and new project starting times

How's that for removing the intrusive irrigation factor from the equation of your life? If your drip irrigation system is more than ten years old, if you have had multiple drip system repairs in the last year or you are frustrated with " band-aid" contractors who simply move the problem from here to there, we are available with a more permanent solution to your irrigation woes. To schedule an appointment, and receive your free Desert Irrigation Guideline Packet, call us anytime at Acme Irrigation Company LLC. (520) 682-0504, or email us at [email protected].

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