Our Services

Providing freedom, time and peace of mind since 1991

At Acme Irrigation Company LLC. We specialize in schedule 40 PVC residential drip irrigation systems. However, we also offer a full range of top-quality residential lawn sprinkler and drip irrigation products and superior service including, but not limited to the following:

  • Leak repair
  • Sprinkler and emitter replacement and adjustment
  • Valve repair or replacement
  • Controller reprogram or replacement
  • Backflow preventer repair or replacement
  • Retrofit using copper and brass
  • Insulate above-ground water pipes
  • Complete system replacement
  • Discounted Seasonal Service Program


We are dedicated to supporting, preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and function that is our environment. Committed to providing the freedom to do and the confidence to do it, served on a foundation of exceptional value, we create the most loyal customers of any profitable business on the planet. With a talented, highly-skilled and innovative staff, superior service, and top quality eco-friendly materials, we design and build the gold-standard of drip irrigation systems. Email us at gnsacme@outlook.com or give us a call at (520) 682-0504 and schedule your appointment for your FREE CONSULTATION AND DESERT IRRIGATION GUIDELINE PACKET, INCLUDING SPRING PLANTING TIPS, INFORMATION ON DESERT CITRUS, BASIC SEASONAL DRIP IRRIGATION SCHEDULE, SOIL TYPES AND MORE! Regain control of your irrigation system, stop paying those high water bills and costly “band-aid” contractors, call (520) 682-0504, Acme Irrigation Company for a more permanent solution to your irrigation woes. Why wait for your next water bill? Call us today!

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