Sprinkler Emitter Repair

Professional tips on how to repair sprinkler emitters

Over the last few years, we have seen significant technological development in the field of irrigation. One of the breakthroughs is the drip irrigation system, specifically, the drip emitter, and it is widely used by home and property owners for watering plants and gardens, because the irrigation system is what keeps your yard alive while keeping the environment green.

What is a sprinkler emitter?

These emitters are also known as drip emitters and apply water to the plants from the main lateral water line. The emitters can be connected directly to the lateral line or inserted into the end of the ¼” distributor located away from the lateral line. Delivering water to a precise area of is a more efficient way of making a yard and the surrounding area cleaner and more beautiful.  The drip emitter can be called the heart of any drip irrigation system as it distributes water directly to the plant roots while optimizing soil moisture.

Now, how do you deal with an emitter repair need? Because sooner or later, in one way or another, small leaks or some damage will eventually occur. Whether you need sprinkler emitter repair services or a simple drip line repair job, you will require the proper tools to get the job done. Which is why it’s best to keep a stash of the repairing tools.

Here is the list of all the tools that will come in handy when performing drip system and emitter repair jobs:
  1. Drip irrigation tools
  2. Plugs
  3. Couplers
  4. Drip emitters
  5. Extra tubing
  6. Trenching shovel

All of these gadgets are required depending on the extent of damage caused to the drip system or emitter.

However, if you don’t know the source of the damage, it’s always best to leave the repair job to the professionals. They are highly trained, skilled, and capable of administering any repair. Thus, if you want to have your drip system or emitter properly repaired right the first time, always consider hiring professional expert.

The experts of Acme Irrigation Company LLC. can help solve your irrigation system problem. Contact us if you are in need of our superior services. You can absolutely rely on our expert team.

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