May 19, 2020

Well Tucson, it's that time of year

Well Tucson, it's that time of year when the old clock on the horizon says the season is changing, and the critters are again on the move. Yes, they're out there, and they're looking for a warm patch of morning sunlight. And not just the snakes---scorpions, spiders and other varmints, that make life in the desert spring just a little bit more than exciting, are getting busy. Don't git bit! Walk in wide open areas and watch the path in front of you as you're out hiking with Fido. Don't put your fingers where you can't see them and always knock first when opening any outdoor container. Make sure that nobody's home before you lift that lid. We love our southwestern lifestyle, and with a little awareness, we can be safe and live in harmony with all of the desert creatures. Don't let venom spoil your day. And remember, for all of your residential irrigation needs you can call Acme Irrigation Company at (520) 682-0504. Your Irrigation Repair Specialist! Email us at [email protected] and be sure to visit our website at For more photos, check out our page at

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