November 30, 2019

When you face an abrupt increase in the water bills

When you face an abrupt increase in the water bills, take some effort and check your irrigation system. The problem could be due to burst pipes, which you may easily detect from puddles of water or floods when the irrigation system is running. This is not a huge issue as it can be resolved by simply repairing the damaged pipes with a repair coupler and a splice. Another cause can be a leaking valve, which is a more serious situation. Valve leaks are a 24/7 issue and generally require the assistance of a professional irrigator. Sometimes more difficult to detect, they appear as a wet area that stays moist all the time, not just when the system is operating. It is caused by the valve not closing completely, and to find it you may have to get your hands dirty. Sometimes it is necessary to spend a small amount to save a lot of water bill money and have the job done effectively with minimal disturbance to the lawn or surrounding landscape. Do yourself a favor and do consider hiring the irrigation system installation and repair specialists in Tucson, Acme Irrigation Company LLC. visit--

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